Gymnastics Federations
Canadian Olympic Committee (CAN)
Gymnastics Canada (CAN)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Canada /
USA Gymnastics
Sports Acrobatics (USA)

Gymnastics Regional Federations
Alberta Gymnastics Federation (CAN)
Gymnastics BC (CAN)
Manitoba Gymnastics Association (CAN)
New Brunswick Gymnastics Association (CAN)
Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labrador (CAN)
Gymnastics Nova Scotia (CAN)
Gymnastics Ontario (CAN)
Federation de Gymnastique du Quebec (CAN)
Gymnastics Saskatchewan (CAN)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Regional Federations
Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta (CAN)
British Columbia Rhythmic Gymnastics Association (CAN)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba (CAN)
USA Region 1

Artistic Gymnastics Clubs
Cambride Kips (ON, CAN)
Burlington Gymnastics Club (ON, CAN)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs
Canadian School of Rhythmic Gymnastics (ON, CAN)
Chinook Rhythmique Gymnastics Club (Alberta, CAN)
Club Adagio and Academy (BC, CAN)
Club Elite Rhythmics (BC, CAN)
ECMCC Illlusions Rhythmic Gymnastics (Alberta, CAN)
Elenaís Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (Alberta, CAN)
Illusions (Nova Scotia, CAN)
Kalev (ON, CAN)
Kanata Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Club (ON, CAN)
Norglen Rhythmic Gymnastics (Alberta, CAN)
Okanogan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (BC, CAN)
Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs (ON, CAN)
Planet Rhythmics (BC, CAN)
Olympium Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (ON, CAN)
Red Deer Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (Alberta, CAN)
Rhythmic Inspirations (NS, CAN)
Ritmika Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (ON, CAN)
Silhouettes of York (ON, CAN)
Sport Seneca (ON, CAN)
Toronto Aspirals (ON, CAN)
Ultra Rhythmics (BC, CAN)
Victoria Rhythmic Gymnastics (BC, CAN)
York Stars Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (ON, CAN)
California Rhythms (CA, USA)
Chattooga Gymnastics & Dance (GA, USA)
Elite Rhythmics (IL, USA)
LA School of Gymnastics (CA, USA)
M&M Gymnastics (WI, USA)
Oakland Rhythmics (Michigan, USA)
Grace Rhythmic Gymnastics (CA, USA)
Scherba Sports Center (CA, USA)
Sports Club of Novi (Michigan, USA)
Westside Dance and Gymnastics Academy (OR, USA)
World Rhythmics (FL, USA)

Synchronized Swimming Sites
Seattle Synchro (WA, USA)

Trampoline Sites

Discussion Forums
Marioís Rhythmic Technical Discussions Page (CAN)
Rhythmic Gymnastics by Rhythmic Mom (USA)
Rhythmic Gymnastics (GER)

Photography Sites
Tom Theobald
John Hummel

Miscellaneous (CAN)
GYMmedia International (GER)
International Gymnast Magazine Online (USA)

Personal Pages
Lucy Phillips - Vaulting

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