Made To Measure Leotards - Leotard 111V6
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As Shown Above:
Fabric 1: Mesh Flesh
Fabric 2: Metallic Mystique Silver White
Fabric 3: Metallic Fiesta Blue
Fabric 4: Metallic Fiesta Blue
Skirt: Metallic Fiesta Blue
Options: Swarovski/Rhinestones $37.20
Pattern Layout

Technical Diagram
Shading in the technical diagram matches the shading on the fabric numbers.
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Child Size Leotards have Chest and Hip measurements less than 34".
Adult Size Leotards have Chest and Hip measurements equal or greater than 34".
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Extras Apply Beaded Trim
Leotard Options
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Panty liners are not available with unitards.
Waist Elastics
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